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Our vegan leather pet carrier offers an all-in-one solution for your daily pet care needs. We not only ensure the safety of your beloved pets, but also provide them with unparalleled comfort. It is the ultimate choice for every pet owner.

  • Size: 44cm(L) x 28cm(H) x18cm(D)
  • weight: ~2.8 pounds
  • Recommended for pets 15 pounds or less

Vegan leather made from biodegradable bamboo materials that are eco-friendly, animal-friendly and harmless for your beloved pets.


Our Vegan Leather Pet Carrier is the first one in Asia to achieve a 5-star crash-test rating for pets weighing up to 15lbs, certified by the Center for Pet Safety, USA.

To guarantee maximum safety, secure the pet carrier in the back seat of the vehicle with a properly installed seatbelt. You may click here for detailed instruction or contact us if you have any questions.


    Customer Review

    • Brandy loves your pet carrier so much! Usually he refuses to get into pet carrier and always barks when he is inside, but now he will run into your pet carrier whenever he sees i am holding it. More amazingly, he can stay stably inside your pet carrier even with the mesh-opened when i am having dinner at a restaurant. Thank you so much!

      Aric, daddy of a 13lbs Pomeranian, Brandy
    • I think your pet carrier really can offer a stress-free "home" for my cat. She looks more comfortable and quiet after we use your pet carrier. Also, she even chooses to sleep in your pet carrier at night instead of sleeping in her own cushion bed, I think she feels extra safe inside your pet carrier.

      Emily, mum of a 10lbs Tortoiseshell Cat
    • My dog is already 14 years old and i always need to bring him to clinics to have body check, but i don't feel safe taking him in car as he doesn't have protection at all. Thanks for solving my problem and providing a safe car trip with my dog. Your pet carrier is a meaningful product for protecting dogs in car.

      Steven, daddy of a 14 year-old Poodle
    • My dog is very sticky to me, so I often drive her to my office and other places. However, she always sits in my lap and needs a lot of my attention, it makes me nervous to drive with her. Your crash-tested pet carrier reduces my worries and the way to lock the seatbelt is quite user-friendly. Thank you!

      Vivien, mum of a 6lbs Yorkshire
    • I cannot say how much i love your pet carrier! It is so beautiful and every detail is well-built, It's like a high-fashion designer bag rather than a traditional pet carrier. Apart from the look, I especially like the "always mesh open design", it allows my dog to see the outside environment all the times and interact with different people and dogs easily.

      Charlie, mum of a 15lbs Shih Tzu
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    We reference the test conditions of FMVSS 213 – for child safety seats, the test condition is approximately 30mph(~50kmh). The pet model we use is 15lbs. 

    In the event of a crash at 30 mph, the force experienced by pets can be up to 30 times their weight. For instance, a 15-pound dog could face a crash force of 450 pounds. This poses a significant risk to pets when they are not properly protected in a car.

    Keep in mind that passing the 30 mph crash test doesn't imply that we can only ensure the safety of your pets at that speed, it could be higher. However, the common international crash test standard only allows for this particular speed.


    Vegan leather and PU leather are both considered cruelty-free alternatives to traditional leather, providing a more ethical choice for consumers.

    Nevertheless, Vegan Leather is derived from natural plant sources such as pineapples, corn, and bamboo, all of which are biodegradable. This makes it a greener alternative to PU Leather, which is usually manufactured using non-biodegradable plastics and requires the use of more chemicals in its manufacturing process.

    Hence, Vegan leather typically possesses a more favorable smell derived from organic materials and is commonly acknowledged as being non-hazardous to animals. 

    Once unboxed, our pet carrier can be readily used without any concerns about the strong smell typically associated with PU leather.


    Yes we do, and we offer free shipping to most countries globally, unless shipping restrictions apply in certain countries.


    Our pet carrier is accepted by most airlines for in-cabin pet travel. However, since each airline and airplane can have unique policies, we advise contacting the airline beforehand for more information.